Truck Load

With AFI’s light weight truck and trailer combinations, AFI is capable of handling any and all payloads up to 47,500 lbs. AFI transports all goods and commodities ranging from Alfalfa Hay to Rolls-Royce jet engines. AFI also hauls produce short distances using its 53′ dry vans which are equipped with produce vents.

Less Than Truck Load

AFI accommodates its customers with LTL shipments as well. This critical service is a great fit for the shipper who favors shipping small orders without paying full truckload prices. AFI will transport LTL orders as small as one pallet.

Blanket Wrap

AFI has been afforded the opportunity to showcase its services while taking part in several Movie premiers, parties for the stars, Executive Appreciation Luncheons and other premier events. Considering the difference in each Special Event, (AFI) is prepared with optimal delivery equipment and times. AFI’s creative staff is available 24/7 and ready to tackle any logistical challenge(s) that appear throughout each Special Event. Blanket Wrap is an ideal way to transport valuable items such as Exercise Equipment and Art pieces. This method of freight shipping is an excellent way of ensuring your special, delicate and high-value products are received in perfect condition.

Pallet Jack

At time of request, AFI will arrive at your facility, load your desired merchandise then either store your products in the original trailer it was loaded, store or pick up freight at customer’s desired location then unloaded into a specific warehouse. With the critical assistance of AFI’s power jack, AFI is capable of loading freight at any facility, even facilities without a Loading Dock or Forklift. Utilizing this service allows customers to maximize their crucial space for staff, equipment, production, product staging etc. AFI has found this service most popular with its small-to-midsize customer base.

Third Party Logistics

Our Third Party Logistics and Brokerage credentials allows AFI to contract a collection of reliable and safe outside carriers, which comes in handy when dealing with overflow freight its company trucks cannot cover. Third Party Logistics also gives AFI the ability to move freight any time any where in the United States, by offering several modes of transportation such as rail, air, and truck AFI offers low-cost shipping for contract and large volume customers. With the logistics industry continuously changing, AFI strives to find its customers the most competitive rates possible.

Local / Round trip Pick-Up and Deliveries

AFI Freight now offers daily round trip and one-way runs from Los Angeles / San Diego, CA to Las Vegas, NV or Las St George, UT, NV to Los Angeles / San Diego, CA. AFI also service customers within Southern California with one pick up, one delivery, to customers with multi-pickup or multi-delivery locations. AFI handles many different items and commodities from Casino Gaming machines to everyday drinking beverages.

Multi Deck Shipping

Allows AFI to build multi-levels inside a single trailer, therefore, utilizing the entire interior. With the erection of the additional decks AFI is able to eliminate the possibility of the product getting crushed or damaged in any way. AFI can build a second or third deck at any dimension the freight calls for using its innovative loading process.

High Value / Tradeshow 

AFI specializes in ultra-sensitive, high value freight which commonly requires special packing, crating and handling while also offering the utmost confidentiality in doing so. AFIhas a transportation division that specializes in the coordination of trade show and special event transportation. AFI’s experience provides the peace of mind that customers can depend on and trust, so whether AFI is working directly with your team or with your exhibit builder, AFIis a reliable source for all exhibit material delivery. AFI’s team is available on-site anywhere within its coverage areas in a moment’s notice. Your pertinent shipment is monitored from the moment we take possession to the second it arrives at its specified destination.


AFI provides an excellent expedited service for customers with time-sensitive and fragile freight. This service allows customers to ship freight and expect delivery the following day or same day deliveries.

Air Bag Stabilization

This is a very meticulous service for customer freight that demands stringent stabilization and protection. Stabilization Air bags can be positioned in any pocket of space and then inflated to prevent movement. Air bag Stabilization can also be used in place of straps and load locks, providing a much less abrasive touch.

Medical / Studio / Gaming Equipment

An extremely popular service amongst AFI’s Loyal Casino-Resort Clientele, (AFI) ships a plethora of different items, from hospital gurneys to slot machines and gaming tables. AFI employ a fleet of purpose-built special equipment which includes ultra-custom 53’ trailers, trucks and vans to handle transportation to any location.